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Ni Los ring bearing seal ring was founded in Germany. It is widely used in Europe and Germany. It is also often used in some imported equipment. Its main purpose is to seal all kinds of bearings, that is, to cover the bearing, so as to avoid the shaft bearing dust and some chemical products pollution, and to extend the mechanical life. The world's major brand bearings have applications!

23030AV NILOS ring调心滚子轴承专用金属密封盖


23030AV NILOS ring调心滚子轴承专用金属密封盖
23030av NILOS seal cover is an external metal bearing seal ring which can form a small seal ring inside or outside the bearing as a completely sealed surface to protect the bearing. If the bearings are equipped with a pair, they will be tightly sealed.

23030AV NILOS ring调心滚子轴承专用金属密封盖材料
23030AVThere are several types of NILOS seal rings, such as galvanized steel, stainless steel and copper. You can choose the right type according to the bearing in different environment. Electroplated steel is especially good at working in the environment with many hard, hard to wear small particles; stainless steel is commonly used in food processing and some water and corrosive materials; copper type is used in some environments with high salt alkali concentration and corrosive materials.
23030AV NILOS ring调心滚子轴承专用金属密封盖如何工作
The edge of the 23030av NILOS metal seal ring rotates under a small pressure to cover the inside or outside of the bearing ring, thus sealing the bearing. Note: when covering the metal sealing ring, prevent grease or dust from entering the bearing. When installing the seal ring, there will be some extremely small metal particles formed and precipitated on the sealing lip. These particles will be absorbed by the grease in the groove of the seal ring to prevent dust from entering the seal, so as to avoid affecting the performance of the bearing.

23030AV NILOS ring调心滚子轴承专用金属密封盖温度范围
As 23030av NILOS ring is a metal product, it can be used in the range of - 40 ℃ - + 450 ℃.

After installation and operation for a short time, depending on its sealing lip, under slight pressure, the contact friction with the inner or outer ring of the bearing will produce a shallow groove on the ring surface, resulting in a zigzag clearance. Because of this zigzag clearance, the grease cannot flow out, and at the same time, it will prevent dust and water vapor from invading the bearing. When this zigzag clearance is generated, the pressure will disappear, and there will be no more naturally Friction.