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Causes of motor failure: one phase of the fuse is disconnected, the phase stops running and makes a click. If the two-phase fuse is damaged, the motor will not move and remain silent. Find out the cause of the fuse and replace it with a new one. The power supply voltage is too low, or the voltage drop is too low when starting. The former should find out the reason; the latter should increase the initial pressure drop properly. If an automatic depressurization starter is used, the tap can be changed to increase the starting voltage. If the stator winding or rotor winding is broken, or the wound rotor brush does not contact with the slip ring, it shall be inspected and repaired. If the stator winding is short circuited or grounded, it can be checked with a megger. Stator winding wiring error. If the triangle is incorrectly connected to the star, or the first end is reversed, check and correct. Friction between stator and rotor core. If the bearing is damaged or stuck, replace the bearing. If the load is too heavy, reduce the load. Mechanical failure, the rotation of the machine itself is inflexible or unable to rotate. The belt is pulled too tight and the friction is increased. The belt tightness should be adjusted.

In service inspection: when the oil quantity of rolling bearing is less, it will make abnormal sound. A slight regular "card, card" sound can be a broken ball. If there is sand and other debris in the bearing, there will be noise. Check after removal: check whether the bearing shows signs of wear, then clamp the inner ring of the bearing and lay the bearing flat. Push the outer steel ring with the other hand. If the bearing is good, the outer steel ring should rotate smoothly and rotate. There is no vibration and obvious jamming, such as no reverse rotation of the bearing after it stops, indicating that the bearing has been scrapped and needs to be replaced in time. The left hand sticks to the outer ring, the right hand clamps the inner steel ring, and then pushes the bearing axially. There is looseness or swing and serious wear. The rust spots on the bearing surface shall be polished with abrasive cloth and then cleaned with gasoline; or the bearing shall be replaced in time when it is cracked or excessively worn. When replacing a new bearing, make sure that the new bearing model meets the requirements.